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Anita Fleerackers exhibits new work

“Honored that I was allowed to exhibit in Venice.”

Anita Fleerackers at her work on display in Venice © Anita Fleerackers
Anita Fleerackers at her work on display in Venice © Anita Fleerackers

Gierle– This and next weekend, Anita Fleerackers will share impressions of her participation in an international art fair in Venice with visitors to her exhibition in Gierle. You can dream away to the enchanting city on the bridges and admire the work Anita exhibited there.

“The invitation to the fair at the Goethe Institute in Venice, as part of the Architecture Biennale, was a great honor for me”; says Anita Fleerackers, sculptor and painter, inspired by animals and nature. “There were artists from all over the world and I was able to make many contacts. So I have already been able to warm up artists to participate in exhibitions in the gallery I am opening at the end of this year here in Gierle. I traveled a lot with my work.

There is another tour of the US early next year. But I’m turning 64 and then it’s time to slow down. hence the idea to work out something at home, a meeting place for artists and art lovers.”

But first, then, Anita looks back at Venice. “I was invited to exhibit my works ‘Crazy Bull Red Blue’ and ‘Indian Summer Bull.’ My participation concluded with an international Art Fair where I myself was present during the seventeen-day exhibition. It was an impressive experience, a real exchange of thoughts and experiences with artists from all over the world. On the way back home I decided to do something with this, to share my experiences.”


And so Kempen fans will have the chance to admire Anita’s works she presented in Venice. “I also made some watercolors on the spot, which I am also exhibiting now. So the people who came to view my work at last year’s Summer of Wechel are now discovering new things. I am actually working continuously. But I don’t get tired of that. I only get tired of opposition. But I certainly can’t complain about that in our community at the moment. I think we get a lot of chances and opportunities here as artists.” (bala)

“Back from Venice” can be visited today and on Oct. 27, 28 and 29, each time from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. or by appointment at Hemeldonk 9 in Gierle.

Source: Bart Lamers – De Zondag 22 oktober 2023

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