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Anita Fleerackers

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Anita Fleerackers
Anita Fleerackers

Anita Fleerackers

Nature? Of course Nature! Nature has always been a source of inspiration for artists. For Anita, too, it is an inexhaustible source for her inspiration. Read more…

Anita was born in 1959 in Tielen, a picturesque village in the Campine countryside near Turnhout. As a child from a farming family, Anita soon came into contact with bulls, cows, horses. The countryside, the beautiful colors of nature in all seasons. Read more…

Ceramic and bronze sculptures

  • Toros, ceramic or in bronze. Bulls and cows feature prominently in the rural setting. Powerful characters in motion.
  • Horses. Graceful in the trot or canter. Pure power of the Brabant draught horse.
  • Elephants. A quiet herd. But don’t be surprised.
  • Roosters. Crows early in the morning. Here I am! My territory!
  • Giraffes. Graceful in the savannah.
  • Flamencos. Graceful, feminine; attract and repel.

Beautiful colors of nature

  • Pixelism. Beautiful colors, abstract or figurative.


  • Sparkling. A rendering of an existing image , playfully scrambling the powerful forms while still retaining their power.

Feelings and characters

Feelings and characters, rendered minimalist. Powerful characters in motion.
Over and over, hand-built in different stages, waiting, creating compositions and finding balance, over and over again. A sculpture should be well shaped, because even if you put your most beautiful color on it, when the shape is bad, the beautiful color won’t help.
Feeling the materials, taking time for this. I I call it respecting the clay, because when I work too fast the clay wraps itself up, disagrees and spits out its anger in a thousand pieces in the oven.

Beautiful colors. Pixelism!

Beautiful colors of nature in all seasons. Early in the morning, the freezing temperatures hanging in the air as the sun rises. It gives a prism to colors in the sky, or the sun, which tries to break through the nebula. The many shades of green in spring and the splendour of blossoms, summer by the sea, autumn with all shades of reddish-brown. Winter, a residual rose buried in the snow. Her paintings are memories, which, like photographs, contain thousands of pixels, built up by squares of about 1 cm by 1 cm. Pixelism! Labor-intensive but at the same time soothing, and unique.


A rendering of an existing image , playfully scrambling the powerful forms while still retaining their power.
Bull versus Bull, Horse versus Horse, Dance versus Dance.
It’s a delightful re-breathing, a fresh response to existing action. Each image is unique and the Sparkling’s are in limited edition.

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