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Anita Fleerackers

Anita Fleerackers
Anita Fleerackers


Anita was born in Tielenin 1959, grew up near the watermill. Lives in Gierle, a picturesque village in the Campine countryside near Turnhout.

As a child of a farming family, animals were not far away for Anita. Horses, cows, bulls, chickens were part of rural life. The power of an animal, they movements, their characters or their beautiful colors, an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Nature is also a source of inspiration, in all seasons. The countryside, beauty of nature in all seasons. In winter, a rose left under the snow. Early in the morning, the freezing cold hanging in the air under the rising sun. A prism of colours in the sky, the haze trying to break-through, mystical. The many shades of green in spring with the splendour of blossoms, the sky blue sky. Summer by the sea, from grey over green to blue. Autumn, an abundance of fruit, blushing apples, nuts, brown-yellow leaves. You will find all these elements in her work. Because of these roots, Anita feels strongly connected to the natural elements: water, earth and fire.


Anita studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Turnhout (Belgium), in the ceramics studio led by Walter De Wolf and Gerda Steegmans. Because she was in preference for visual design, she also worked in the sculpture studio under the direction of Staf Colruyt and Walter Frans. She continued her training in sculpture at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp (Belgium), studio visual arts, higher degree, led by Maria Talaga. Graduated under the direction of Sigifride Bruna Hautman.

For 350 years, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, headquartered in the Mutsaardstraat, has been offering training in the visual arts. The training is artistically oriented, practical training. The training leads to competent, passionate and inspiring visual masters, who stand in the world with an open mind, a critical view, the necessary self-reflection and an artistic vision.

In 2021, Anita attended the Business Speaker Program training with Ianka Fleerackers, the renowned Thought Leaders Academy. Ianka Fleerackers is storyteller, writer and speaker.


Concurs International de Ceràmica de l’Alcora

The Concurs International de Ceràmica de l’Alcora exists already for more than three decades. It was founded in 1981, at the time with a national character, and regularly updated over the years. Developed into an international art competition, today considered one of the most prestigious in its genre in Europe.

Biennale di Arte Contemporanea di Florence

The Florence Biennale is the most important exhibition of contemporary art in Florence (Italy), considered an excellent showcase of international contemporary art.

Every two years, the Biennale enlivens Florence, the city of the Medici, with a programme of events, such as conferences, exhibitions, workshops and lectures.

Since its inception, the Florence Biennale has been an independent and innovative ‘platform’ for contemporary art. Over the years, thousands of artists from more than 100 countries have exhibited their works.

During each edition of the Florence Biennale, an international jury, consisting of leading scientists, art historians and critics from different countries, grants the ‘Lorenzo il Magnifico’ prize to the best exhibiting artists, or winners chosen from the finalists for their works on display.

Medaille D’OR Europe 2021 Creation Artistique Laureat Du Palmares Art Numérique. Editions Des Musees et de la Culture EDMC-Europe

The digital competition EUROPE 2021 ARTISTIC CREATION, organised by the Editions des musées et de la culture EDMC-Europe, with the technical support of the website, aims to highlight and support European creation in the arts. The competition involved a group of artists selected from a pre-selection of styles ranging from figurative to abstract, as well as various contemporary artistic techniques.

Digital artist Anita Fleerackers, after being selected by the preparatory committee, submitted a series of five digital artworks that would demonstrate the diversity of her mastery of digital art and her ability to deal with different subjects. Anita Fleerackers belongs to this new generation of digital artists, paving the way for a new form of aesthetics. Digital artists are gradually bringing a new form of creation to the art of tomorrow.

Museo Maya de Cancun, INAH, Mexico

Two of my digital works “The Horse Illusion” and “The Red Bull” are officially included in the private collection of Museo Maya de Cancun, INAH, Mexico


  • SABAM Belgium, Visual Arts

About Sabam

Sabam is thé Belgian association for authors, composers and publishers. She manages the rights of more than 41,000 members in 5 fields: music, film & television, theatre & dance, visual arts and literature. In 2018, Sabam distributed nearly €115 million in copyright to more than 29,000 members. Also, through Sabam For Culture, Sabam supported more than 160 cultural events and more than 225 projects of its members that same year. More than 250 employees working in Brussels are committed to the rights of the authors every day. In 2022 Sabam celebrates its 100th anniversary.