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art3f Brussels 2023 International contemporary art fair

art3f Brussels 2023 International contemporary art fair

Stand Anita Fleerackers

Brussels Expo

art3f Brussels 2023 International contemporary art fair - Booth Anita Fleerackers

art3f Brussels 2023 International contemporary art fair

Stand Anita Fleerackers

From November 24 to 26, 2023

Opening hours:
Friday : 4:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Saturday : 10:00 am – 8:00 pm
Sunday : 10:00 am – 19:00 pm


Brussels Expo
Palace 3 – Place de Belgique 1
1020 Brussels
Car parks B, T, M

International contemporary art fair

art3f moves the lines of traditional contemporary art dealer fairs, giving these cultural events a human and warm side. Without code, without prejudice and uninhibited, art3f is a clever mix between favorite art, affordable art and the most beautiful artistic representation of the moment. So many reasons to explore art as a family.

Direct exchange and sharing of emotions with artists and galleries

With a strong majority of artists selected by our selection committee (galleries will also be present), art enthusiasts and collectors will be able to meet the artists live and share their unique universes with them. A unique opportunity to unearth new talent and discover the stars of tomorrow! Among these many talents (painters, sculptors, photographers…), art3f discoveries, the young international contemporary guard but also established artists and prestigious works. What emotions and sharing to come! Because life goes on and optimism takes back its rights, because you have to be positive, drink, eat, have fun, marvel, art is an excellent remedy!

Previous editions



Anita Fleerackers

Nature? Of course Nature! Nature has always been a source of inspiration for artists. For Anita, too, it is an inexhaustible source for her inspiration. Read more…

Feelings and characters

Feelings and characters, rendered minimalist.
Over and over, hand-built in different stages, waiting, creating compositions and finding balance, over and over again. A sculpture should be well shaped, because even if you put your most beautiful color on it, when the shape is bad, the beautiful color won’t help.
Feeling the materials, taking time for this. I I call it respecting the clay, because when I work too fast the clay wraps itself up, disagrees and spits out its anger in a thousand pieces in the oven.

Beautiful colors. Pixelism!

Beautiful colors of nature in all seasons. Early in the morning, the freezing temperatures hanging in the air as the sun rises. It gives a prism to colors in the sky, or the sun, which tries to break through the nebula. The many shades of green in spring and the splendour of blossoms, summer by the sea, autumn with all shades of reddish-brown. Winter, a residual rose buried in the snow. Her paintings are memories, which, like photographs, contain thousands of pixels, built up by squares of about 1 cm by 1 cm. Pixelism! Labor-intensive but at the same time soothing, and unique.

My artwork


Anita Fleerackers in Venice ! © Anita Fleerackers in BORDERS ART FAIR 2023 - VENICE INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR - Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello Venice,during the same period of the 18th Venice Architecture Biennale. An international meeting place and exchange project.
Anita Fleerackers in Venice ! © Anita Fleerackers

My works “Sparkling” were selected and exhibited in Venice, BORDERS ART FAIR for the exhibitions HYBRID IDENTITIESSECRET SPACESFUTURE LANDSCAPESVENICE INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR.

The festival focuses on the concept of “boundaries,” between the soul and the body, man and urban space, the city and the ground. The festival analyzes the idea of human and urban borders, how people experience them and how they are modified in contemporary society. Every person lives in a world in which limits and boundaries define his attitude and behavior, limit freedom and create a sense of alienation. Man responds by breaking down barriers and finding a new way of life. We imagine a world of “liquid cities,” where differences create new opportunities rather than forming social barriers.

Médaille d’Or

Anita Fleerackers - Numérique Artiste - Medaille d'Or Europe 2021 Création Artistique - Lauréate du Palmarès
Anita Fleerackers – Lauréate du Palmarès

With my artwork ” SPARKLING” I was nominated with “Médaille d’Or” Europe 2021 Création Artistique Anita Fleerackers Lauréate du Palmarès. Editions Des Musees et de la Culture EDMC-Europe.

Le 17 Février 2021 a eu lieu le II ème concours numérique artistique en distanciel, avec Jury en délibérations connectées. Ce concours numérique EUROPE 2021 CRÉATION ARTISTIQUE, réalisé par les Editions des musées et de la culture EDMC-Europe, avec le support technique du site, a pour objectif la mise en valeur et le développement de la création européenne dans les Arts. Read more…


Two of my digital works "The Horse Illusion" and "The Red Bull" are officially included in the private collection of Museo Maya de Cancun, INAH, Mexico
Museo Maya de Cancun, INAH, Mexico

Two of my digital works “The Horse Illusion” and “The Red Bull” are officially included in the private collection of Museo Maya de Cancun, INAH, Mexico

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