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art3f Brussels 2022 International contemporary art fair

art3f Brussels 2022 International contemporary art fair

art3f Brussels 2022 International contemporary art fair

Stand Anita Fleerackers

From Nov. 25 to 27, 2022

Friday : 4:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Saturday : 10:00 am – 8:00 pm
Sunday : 10:00 am – 7:00 pm


Brussels Expo
Palace 3 – Place de Belgique 1
1020 Brussels
Car parks B, T, M

International contemporary art fair

art3f breaks away from traditional contemporary art fairs by giving these cultural events a human and friendly touch.

Without code, without prejudice and without complexes, art3f is a clever mix between the art of the heart, affordable art and the most beautiful artistic representation of the moment.

So many reasons to explore art with the family.

More info: art3f brussels 2022

Sharing emotions directly with artists

Art lovers and collectors can meet the artists live and share their unique world with them. Emotions and exchange! As life goes on and optimism takes over, as it is necessary to be positive, to drink, to eat, to have fun, to be amazed, art is an excellent tool!

So many reasons to incorporate art into your own living environment.

At art3f Brussels, you’ll find Anita Fleerackers. My amazing works give your interior a unique twist.

Anita Fleerackers

Sparkling. A reflection of an existing image, playfully mixing the powerful shapes and still keep their strength. This is only possible with a powerful Sculpture.

Bull versus Bull, Horse versus Horse, Dance versus Dance.

It’s a delightful re-breathing, a fresh response to existing action. Each image is unique and the Sparkling’s are in limited edition.


Museo Maya de Cancun, INAH, Mexico
Museo Maya de Cancun, INAH, Mexico

Two of my digital works “The Horse Illusion” and “The Red Bull” are officially included in the private collection of Museo Maya de Cancun, INAH, Mexico

Médaille d’Or

Anita Fleerackers - Numérique Artiste - Medaille d'Or Europe 2021 Création Artistique - Lauréate du Palmarès
Anita Fleerackers – Lauréate du Palmarès

With my artwork ” SPARKLING” I was nominated with “Médaille d’Or” Europe 2021 Création Artistique Anita Fleerackers Lauréate du Palmarès. Editions Des Musees et de la Culture EDMC-Europe.

Le 17 Février 2021 a eu lieu le II ème concours numérique artistique en distanciel, avec Jury en délibérations connectées. Ce concours numérique EUROPE 2021 CRÉATION ARTISTIQUE, réalisé par les Editions des musées et de la culture EDMC-Europe, avec le support technique du site, a pour objectif la mise en valeur et le développement de la création européenne dans les Arts. Read more…

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