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Special act in my studio

Special act in my studio!

Special act in my studio! Theater tante Wilhelmina presents. In the Name of the Father
Theater tante Wilhelmina presents. In the Name of the Father

On Friday, March 31, at 2 p.m. open studio with ongoing exhibition

In the evening, we conclude with a

maddened chamber theater

“In the name of the father”

After the death of pig farmer Bernaerts, his three sons Paul, Bernhard and Martin continued their father’s life’s work. In addition to the pig farm, they start catering parties and are known for their delicious pork delicacies from their own barn.
The ‘va’ saliger is the glue between the three brothers until suddenly there is an unexpected visitor at the door. Time to muck out the barn.

An absurd family saga, accessible theater with humor, content
and it promises for a wonderful evening in our home.
Art lovers, friends and neighbors come enjoy in an exclusive setting by invitation only!

Text: Theater Tante Wilhelmina & Dries De Smedt
Directed by Dries De Smedt
Play: David Geeraerts, Bart Lambrechts, Carolien Van Dael, Wim Vervoort

Reservation for chamber theater required

Max. 15 people

telephone: 0485 03 03 29

Artstudio Anita Fleerackers
Hemeldonk 9
B-2275 Gierle

Start time: 7:30 p.m.

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