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Art in the Barn!

Art in the Barn! An exhibition by Anita Fleerackers

My latest sculptures and paintings in My village in the Campine.

Eye-catcher in your interior.


From 11 to 14 September 2020

Official opening Friday 11 September at 19:00 by Tom Kersemans Alderman of Public Works / Utilities, Services (digitisation / ICT / communication), Culture, Library

Opening hours:

every day: 14:00 to 21:00


Cultural centre De Schuur

Singel, B-2275 Gierle

Mouth mask required!

Has corona also changed your holiday plans?

Be sure to consider purchasing one of my works of art that you can enjoy for generations.

Dance! Strong characters

Eye-catcher in your interior.

My sculptures are created by observing my surroundings, a source of inspiration. People or animals, characters, movements, colours of nature. My sculptures are very minimalist, no line too much and yet a maximum of shape and movement. Stylized, reduced to the necessary, yet with a subcutaneous force. The images give you the feeling that something is going to happen. The horses can turn around at any moment and walk away from you proudly and gracefully. Bulls that threaten to attack you, their forces bundled in their backs, head down, their weight mobilised into action. Always trying to reach the point of action. My sculptures are hand-shaped in clay, glazed and signed. They are each unique, so 1/1, the bronze are 8 numbered copies.

Splendid colours of nature

My paintings are the opposite. Bij het schilderen laat ik me leiden door kleur, de kleuren die ik zie in de seizoenen van de natuur. Winter cold and cool, white, blue, grey. Spring-fresh green and soft. Summer brings the sun and bright colours. De herfst bruin, zacht goudgeel en rood getemperd. In mijn schilderijen is vorm zoeken hopeloos omdat ik me enkel laat leiden door kleur. Kleur werkt rustgevend, weg agressie, droom en laat alles los. Dompelen je onder in een kleurenpracht van pixels, laat jezelf tot rust komen. The paintings are completely built up in squares of about 1 cm, with thousands of them applied layer after layer with oil paint on primaeval Flemish linen. Just like pixels in a photo when you enlarge it, the pixels have been applied manually in my paintings. Pixelism is my self-developed style.


Het is telkens weer een uitdaging om zo te werken, werken in een ritme, werken in cadans, vorm loslaten. Blijven drijven op kleur! My works can be found everywhere, even in Tasmania.

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