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Climate-proofing our home

Water for Life

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Climate-proofing our home

Climate change affects us all. Worldwide, but also, in Belgium, we are confronted with this. Periods of drought alternate with periods of flooding.
The intensity is getting more and more intense.

With my project “Water For Live” I want to highlight the facet that we ourselves consider very important for our well-being. We all realize that we need to protect nature, but we must not forget that the food chain is equally in need of protection. No water, no food. Therefore, Water For Live.
We can all contribute to adapt to this problem. On the one hand, be frugal with water, on the other hand, collect rainwater to get through the droughts.

abundant rain
During heavy rainfall – when the pavement was not yet permeable (old condition)

Our GreenBlueLevel

At one point I was surfing the Internet and came across the website
It intrigued me to see how green and environmentally friendly our immediate environment is. I wanted to find out how environmentally friendly our garden is.
Our score was only moderate , we have plenty of greenery, trees, herbs and flowers, wildflowers, bee-friendly planting but that big patch of asphalt was a culprit.

Make your home greener and bluer.

Scores range from A to F. They indicate the extent to which your plot is already climate-proof. Because there is always room for improvement, you will be given a number of suggestions that are best suited to your particular situation. With a few measures, you can make your plot greener and bluer. Or, put another way, you can simultaneously ensure more biodiversity and better, sustainable use of rainwater.

our greenbluelevel
Our scores

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We already had a cistern , but with hot summers it soon ran dry. Our toilets are flushed with rainwater, laundry and brushing is done with rainwater as much as possible and of course the vegetable garden needs water in case of drought. A second larger cistern became one of our goals.

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building the cistern
Building of the new cistern
after the works
The beautiful result.

Making pavements water permeable

That big patch of asphalt, our driveway was an eyesore. During heavy rains, water gushed to the street. As a result, flooding in the street, and a garden that dries up quickly in sunshine and high temperatures.

So we started looking for permeable pavement. We discovered the permeable and circular tiles , in different sizes and we were instantly sold. The paving is open and the planting bee-friendly. We chose white clover, wild thyme and sedum.


Our driveway is now not only water permeable but also a rich asset for the bees .
Because adapting to climate change is very important to us, we want to share this information with you and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Blue Deal

Together, all of us can address water scarcity and drought.

It’s high time. Let’s go for it.

The Blue Deal supports anyone who wants to get involved.

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Funded by the European Union
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