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I am pleased to invite you to visit the Galleries permanently exhibiting my Artwork:


  Mookji Art Gallery
Adres: Songjiang District Sanxin North Road 900 Lane No. 940
Shanghai - China
info: https://www.mookjiart.com

  La Galerie Z
Adres: 4, Place St.-Louis
F-30220 Aigues-Mortes - Frankrijk
info: https://www.lagalerie-z.com

  Galerie ’Atelier des Arts’
Address: Rue des Bœufs
F-84410 Bedoin - France
info: www.nicoleolivieri.com

  Galerie Guy Pensa
Adres: 7, rue de Londres
F-57440  Algrange - Frankrijk
info: http://www.galerie-guy-pensa.fr

  Galerie Phocéa
Adres: 100, Boulevard de la Libération
F-13004 Marseille - Frankrijk
Info: galeriephocea.neuf.fr













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