• Last updated: 11 April 2020
  • Nature? Of course Nature!

    Nature has always been a source of inspiration for artists. For me, too, it is an inexhaustible source for my inspiration.


    People run from work to their hobby, sharing their lives via facebook, Smileys and WhatsApp, communicating more than ever. Fast fast.
    Also in art today everything has to be faster, take pictures, copy, cut, paste, and that’s also art today, anyone can do it. Through a 3D scan old masters “the thinker”, or the “discus thrower” scanning and printing. Or even more, by scan making a print of a body, printing in 3D, a new work of art, another piece of work making the production start hupsakee, art. New art that you see popping up in galleries and art fairs. Humiliating for the traditionally educated artist, isn’t it? For me, it evokes compassion, on the one hand for creator and shows that he can’t do better, on the other hand for the visitor who doesn’t know better. Fake art.


    That’s what I don’t do now, my artworks are all pure; hand-formed sculptures, hand-painted paintings, each time UNIQUE.

    Feelings and characters

    With my images I bring characters and feelings back by attaching movement to clay. A raging bull or an amorous tango dance party, a bucking horse, or a gracious dancer. Feelings and characters, rendered minimalist.
    Time and time again, hand-built in different stages, waiting, creating compositions and finding balance, over and over again. An image should sit well because even if you put your most beautiful color on it when baking, when the shape is bad, the beautiful color won’t help.
    Feel the materials, take the time for this. I call respect the clay, because when I work too fast the clay retaliates, does not agree and spits out his anger in a thousand pieces in the oven.

    Color splendor. Pixelism!

    My paintings are hand-shaped representations of the color splendor of nature in all seasons. Early in the morning, the freezing cold that hangs in the air when the sun rises. She gives a prism of colors in the sky, or the sun, which tries to break through the nebula. The many shades of green in spring and the splendour of blossoms, summer by the sea, autumn with all shades of reddish brown. Winter, a leftover rose buried in the snow. My paintings are memories, which like pictures contain thousands of pixels, built up by squares of about 1 cm X 1 cm. Pixelism Is what I call it. Labour-intensive but at the same time soothing, and unique.

    When I start working I get a certain color experience for the mind and choose my color pallet oil paint. Then I start working on solid linen of Antwerp or Brussels, in cadence, without being disturbed from my surroundings. I’m completely carried away by the color. Mixing colors, creating light in color, dark versus light, intense or soft, I smell the air, I smell the morning, I smell the blossom, I smell the sea in the painting. I feel without touching. I’m looking for memories, color never forgets you!

    Characters and memories

    My images are powerful characters in motion. My paintings are abstract memories and make people stand still in amazement. Stand still for so much color, light. Soothing oases in a hectic world.

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