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Nature? Of course: Nature!

Nature has always been a muse and a source of creativeness for artists. I, too, feel its inspiration.

People run from their work to their hobbies, share their lives on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. Communication is everywhere, and everything has to go so fast. Art, too, feels this pressure: take a picture, copy, cut, paste, all in a hurry, and that is today’s art for you. One does as he pleases, and everyone is an artist. Scanning and printing in 3D The Thinker or the Discobolus. Or: scan a body, print it in 3D, make a mould, start production and art comes out. Such is the art that galleries and art fairs have on display today. Humiliating for the traditionally trained artist? Or not? I rather feel compassion, for the producer who makes it and shows that he cannot do better, and for the visitor of the exhibition who does not know better. Fake art.

That is what I don’t do. All of my works are authentically crafted: my sculptures are handmade, my paintings painted by hand. Each and every one of them is UNIQUE.

With my sculptures I express emotion and personality by capturing motion in clay. A furious bull or a sensual tango, a bucking horse or a gracious dancer: emotion and personality, expressed in minimalism. Every one of them I compose by hand, in different stages: set up, wait, search for composition and balance, time and again. A sculpture needs to feel right: even when you put the nicest colours on it while firing it, they won’t help when the shape is off. I need to take the time to feel the materials and their capacity. To me, this is respecting the clay: when I work too fast, the clay resists, disagrees and spits out its anger: a thousand shattered pieces in the kiln.

My paintings are handmade representations of the rich colouring of nature in all its seasons. The frosty cold that lingers in the air at sunrise and lends a prism to the colours of the sun trying to break through the mist. The many shades of green and blossomy splendour in spring, summer at sea, autumn with all its shades of red, brown and yellow. Winter, a forgotten rose buried in snow. My paintings are memories, which like photos have thousands of pixels, they are shaped with squares of 1 by 1 cm. Pixelism I call it: painting with handmade pixels. Labour-intensive but relaxing at the same time, and unique.

When I start a painting, I recall a colour experience I had earlier and choose my pallet of oil paint. I set to work on quality canvas from Antwerp or Brussels, secluded and in a rhythm that keeps me from being disturbed. I am completely carried away by the colours. Mixing paint, creating light in colours, dark or bright, vivid or flat, I sense the air, feel the morning, smell the blossoms or the sea in the painting. I feel without touching, I revive memories. One never forgets colours!

While my sculptures are clear shapes and strong figures in motion, my paintings are abstract memories, which make their spectators pause in surprise. A pause caused by colour and light. I want my paintings to be calming oases. With my art I create a pause in today’s frantic world.

Klei, aarde, water en vuur.
Pure passie, in vuur en vlam.
Vallen en opstaan, vechten!
Vechten, geven en nemen,
liefhebben en haten, doorgaan!
Zeer gedreven en ontembaar
is mijn werklust,
dagelijks werken met klei,
mensen ontmoeten,


Anita Fleerackers










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